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7 Mistakes People Commonly Make With Heat Pumps

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7 Mistakes People Commonly Make With Heat Pumps 

Owning and operating a heat pump in Cherry Creek, CO, isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Here are seven surprisingly common mistakes people make when operating their heat pumps so that you can avoid making them as well:

Not Turning Down the Backup System’s Thermostat

Many people mistakenly forget to turn down the thermostat when using their heat pump. This causes your air conditioner to run as the primary cooling method instead of your heat pump. Both systems will work more than needed, shortening system life and increasing your energy costs.

Instead, adjust the thermostat by 10 degrees when the heat pump is running. This pushes your AC unit into backup mode, saving you money in the process.

Setting the Heat Pump to AUTO Mode

AUTO mode seems like an easy solution when you want to get the most out of your heat pump but don’t want to take the time to fiddle with settings. However, using this setting causes your heat pump to needlessly cycle back and forth between heating and cooling mode. Instead, pick a mode and temperature and adjust them later if needed.

Constantly Fiddling With the Temperature

If you’ve been changing the temperature setting on your heat pump before going to sleep every night or every time you leave the house for an errand, you’re making a common mistake. Unlike an air conditioner, your heat pump works most efficiently when set to one temperature and allowed to settle there. If you’re planning on leaving for an overnight trip and will be gone for more than a day or two, it’s a good time to shut down the system.

Not Using the Heat Pump Enough

It’s common to take it too easy on your heat pump, only using it as a primary heating or cooling method on occasion. Though it might not seem like it at first, your heat pump is actually capable of cooling quite a lot of space at once. Open up doors to encourage airflow, and practice using your heat pump more often.

Keeping the Fan On Low Speeds

Keeping your heat pump fan on the lowest setting is another common mistake that’s easy to rectify. Though it seems like higher fan settings would consume more energy and increase bills, heat pumps actually run most efficiently at higher speeds. Noise levels increase with higher settings, however, so find the highest speed you’re comfortable listening to for hours at a time.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance Work

Living with the cold weather you have for many months in Colorado, it’s likely that your furnace still sees a fair amount of use, even with a heat pump installed. You probably have a maintenance agreement for your furnace and air conditioner because of this. But do you have one for your heat pump? Even if you only use your heat pump during periods of milder weather, it’s still getting used nearly year-round due to its dual heating and cooling capabilities.

Obsessing Over Saving

HVAC professionals refer to a swap-over point, which is the point at which it becomes more cost effective to run your backup heating method rather than your heat pump. It’s hard to figure this set point out on your own since there are many variables involved. Stressing over it will just cause you grief. As a general rule of thumb, your heat pump runs more efficiently than most backup systems, making it best to use it often and not worry about energy savings and swap-over points.

Keep your side of the maintenance bargain by changing the air filter at least every other month. Also, make sure to keep the outdoor unit free from debris, dirt, plants and ice. Contact your HVAC provider and ask about signing up for a maintenance plan so appointments get pre-scheduled for you.

Now is the perfect time to schedule spring maintenance work. Contact Apple Aire Heating & Cooling to request a heat pump tuneup!

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