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4 Reasons to Not Skip Spring HVAC Maintenance

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4 Reasons to Not Skip Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring maintenance for your HVAC system offers many benefits to homeowners in Brighton, CO. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t skip spring HVAC maintenance for your air conditioner.

Prevents the Need for Costly AC Repairs

A tuneup can uncover multiple issues with your HVAC system that you would not have known existed because they were so minor. These minor issues, which can range from dirty coils and clogged filters to loose wiring, can develop into something that requires a major AC repair. With maintenance, you’ll find and fix issues before they cause breakdowns. As a result, you’ll avoid expensive air conditioner repairs.

Increases Cooling Efficiency

During an HVAC maintenance visit, your service technician will point out the location of leaks where you’re wasting energy. They will also remove any debris from the interior components that may stop your HVAC system from generating the cool air you want. As a result, your HVAC system will achieve your desired temperature in a timely manner, each cycle being the length it should be (10 to 15 minutes) with little strain on the motor.

Lengthens the HVAC System’s Longevity

When nothing obstructs airflow or the generation of cool air, your HVAC system run for much longer. Most of today’s HVAC systems can last up to 20 years with preventative spring and fall maintenance. That’s why it’s an investment rather than an expense.

Keeps Your Warranty Valid

Whatever repairs you need in the future may not cost you a penny thanks to your warranty. Most warranties require that you schedule annual maintenance by a licensed HVAC professional or they become void.

Apple Aire Heating & Cooling is ready to provide you with comprehensive AC maintenance. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our air conditioning services. You can depend on us to enhance your home comfort for a fair price.

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