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With the wild weather changes that we can experience in Colorado, ensuring that your AC system is properly installed is extremely important. Professional air conditioner installation can make or break how well your cooling system runs throughout the year.

Scheduling Lakewood air conditioning installation with the trusted professionals at Apple Aire means that you can rest assured the job will get done right the first time. Our TruTech-certified service technicians take pride in the quality of our workmanship, and we are an independent Lennox dealer, which means we’re prepared to install all Lennox AC systems. 


If you are ready to learn more about what our AC installation services can do for you and your comfort, we encourage you to call (720) 928-3543 or contact us online. We offer free estimates!

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a New Air Conditioner?

Choosing the most energy-efficient air conditioner for your home’s cooling demands and budget is a balancing act. You want to install an air conditioner with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) without overspending on efficiency you don’t need. 

The reality is investing in and installing an air conditioner with the highest SEER isn’t always the best decision, but our service techs at Apple Aire can help you make the right decision. We'll help you select an AC system that will cool your home efficiently without breaking your budget.

Our Lakewood air conditioning installation services include help evaluate the following factors when choosing equipment:

  • Size. Choosing the correct size of air conditioner is paramount. An undersized unit won't cool your space efficiently, and an oversized unit will lead to unnecessary energy consumption and wear. Our professionals can assess your space to determine the appropriate size.
  • Energy efficiency. The SEER rating is key to understanding an AC unit's efficiency. Opting for a unit with a higher SEER rating, though potentially more costly upfront, can significantly reduce your long-term energy bills. Again, a high SEER rating shouldn’t be your only consideration.
  • Type. The choice between central air conditioning, portable units, window units, heat pumps, and ductless mini-split systems depends on your home's size, layout, and existing infrastructure. Each has its unique benefits and installation requirements. 
  • Installation requirements. Central air conditioning may require extensive ductwork, while mini-split systems have less invasive installation processes. We can assess whether your home is prepared for the installation of your preferred AC system type. 
  • Cost. You should factor in both the initial investment as well as ongoing operational costs. Energy-efficient models may have a higher initial purchase price but ultimately lead to savings on energy bills.
  • Features. Modern AC units offer advanced features like programmable smart thermostats, smart home integration, and improved air filtration. These can enhance user convenience, air quality, and energy efficiency.

If you are interested in a central air conditioning system, note that all of our central air conditioners feature inverter technology. An inverter controls the speed of the compressor in an air conditioner, helping to regulate the temperature inside your house. Variable-speed inverters are much more precise at adjusting the speed of the compressor to regulate your home’s temperature more efficiently. As a result, you avoid sharp temperature fluctuations, protect parts from wear, and lower your cooling costs. This reduces the need for air conditioner repairs and extends your AC system’s life. We are also prepared to install heat pumps and ductless mini-split systems. 

How Long Does an Air Conditioner Typically Last in Colorado?

In Colorado, the service life of an air conditioner is influenced by several factors, including the system type, usage patterns, maintenance practices, and environmental conditions. Central AC systems in Colorado tend to have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. This range is contingent upon regular maintenance, including annual inspections and timely repairs, which can significantly extend their operational lifespan.

  • Ductless mini-splits, known for their efficiency and individual zone cooling capability, usually have a slightly longer lifespan in Colorado, often lasting 20 years or more. The extended life expectancy can be attributed to their lack of reliance on extensive ductwork, which in traditional systems can accumulate wear and tear more rapidly.
  • Heat pumps, which serve dual functions of heating and cooling, generally last about 15 to 20 years in Colorado. The efficiency and lifespan of heat pumps are subject to proper sizing, installation, and maintenance. Given Colorado's variable climate – ranging from cold, snowy winters to hot summers – the efficiency of heat pumps as both heating and cooling solutions can make them a compelling option, albeit with a lifespan akin to traditional central AC systems.

For all types of air conditioning systems in Colorado, the key to maximizing lifespan and efficiency lies in regular maintenance and prompt repairs. By proactively taking care of your AC system, you can ensure your cooling equipment will operate efficiently for many years.

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