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Professional Drain Cleaning in Lakewood

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Blocked or clogged drains are a common problem for homeowners. Without professional attention, backed-up drains can lead to costly repairs and property damage. That’s where our certified plumbers come in! At Apple Aire, we specialize in professional drain services to keep your plumbing system running as it should in Lakewood.

From slow-draining sinks to water backup, our family-owned and operated team is proud to be your one-stop shop for prompt, cost-effective drain solutions in the Greater Denver Area. Our licensed experts have decades of hands-on experience to quickly identify and resolve drain issues before they get worse, saving you time and money on unnecessary repairs and future expenses. 

Frustrated with recurring drains or clogs? Turn to Apple Aire to keep your plumbing system operating smoothly and efficiently. Call (720) 928-3543 to schedule a service!

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Understanding the primary causes of drain blockages can help you identify and prevent clogs in your plumbing system. 

Here are some of the most common reasons behind drain clogs:

  • Hair: A primary culprit in bathroom drains, hair binds with grease and other sticky substances, creating clogs.
  • Soap: Traditional soap bars can leave residue that narrows pipes, especially when mixed with minerals in water.
  • Food waste: Even with a garbage disposal, certain food items should never go down your kitchen sink, such as coffee grounds and grease, which solidify inside plumbing.
  • Mineral buildup: Hard water can lead to mineral deposits forming inside pipes, gradually reducing flow and causing blockages.
  • Small objects: Items that accidentally fall down the drain that are not water-soluble can easily cause a blockage.
  • Toilet paper overload: Using too much toilet paper can lead to blockages, especially in lower-flow toilets.

When Should I Call a Plumber for a Clogged Drain?

When it comes to maintaining the functionality and health of your home's plumbing system, knowing when to seek professional help for clogged drains is essential. Addressing drain problems early on is imperative to protect your home from property damage and prevent the need for expensive repairs later on. 

Here are some telltale signs it’s time to reach out to our drain experts: 

  • Recurring clogs: If you're dealing with recurring clogs despite your best efforts to maintain clear drains, this may indicate a larger issue requiring prompt, professional attention. 
  • Multiple clogged drains: If more than one drain becomes clogged at the same time, this could be a sign of a main sewer line issue, signaling the need for a prompt, professional evaluation by a licensed expert. 
  • Slow draining: If water drains slowly from your sinks, tubs, or showers, it may indicate buildup in your pipes, indicating the need for professional drain cleaning.
  • Foul odors: Unpleasant smells from your drains may be a sign of food, waste, or other debris building up in your pipes. Reaching out to a professional plumber as soon as possible is important to prevent serious blockages.
  • Water backup: Water backing up in sinks, toilets, or floor drains can be a sign of a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. It’s crucial to contact a licensed plumber to protect your investment and prevent the problem from escalating into significant water damage. 

If you notice any of these warning signs, it's time to contact our licensed plumbers at Apple Aire. Our friendly professionals can work fast to accurately diagnose and resolve your drain issue, restoring your peace of mind and indoor comfort in Lakewood. 

Dangers of Ignoring Clogged Drains

Ignoring clogged drains in your home can lead to unpleasant problems and expenses. By understanding the risks of unaddressed clogs, property owners can do their part to identify and resolve drain problems before they can worsen into major damage. 

Here are some dangers of neglecting your drains: 

  • Water damage: Continuous backups from clogged drains can cause water to overflow, resulting in potential damage to floors, walls, and even the foundation of your home. The cost of repairs for water damage can be significantly high, making it important to seek professional help from a licensed expert as quickly as possible. 
  • Health hazards: Stagnant water in clogged drains can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Exposure can cause various health issues, such as allergies and respiratory problems. Calling a certified expert is paramount to protecting your well-being and reducing the risk of adverse health effects. 
  • Pipe damage: Ignoring a clogged drain can increase the pressure in your pipes, increasing the risk of cracks or bursts. Repairing or replacing damaged pipes can be a substantial financial burden, making it crucial to contact a professional before your drains cause serious damage. 
  • Unnecessary repair costs: What starts as a minor clog can escalate into a severe blockage and other plumbing issues, leading to much higher repair costs than if the problem were addressed promptly.
  • Bad odors: Blocked drains can cause water and organic material to sit and decay, causing unpleasant smells to permeate your home or business. Seeking professional drain solutions is an important part of maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor living environment.   
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