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Unique Ductless Needs to Be Aware Of


Unique Ductless Needs to Be Aware Of

When you find yourself in need of a new air conditioner, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. After all, there are a lot of options out there! You may find it easier to just go with whatever system you’ve always had, but what if this isn’t the most efficient option available?

It may be time for you to consider a ductless system!

Ductless systems are comprised of a single outdoor unit connected to up to four air handlers that can be controlled independently of each other. They’re highly efficient and a great option for homeowners looking for a system that provides effective cooling and efficient heating.

However, if not installed correctly, you could run into a few unique repair needs, such as:

Water Leaks

We aren’t talking about the outdoor unit here–while that would still need to be resolved and can lead to problems, it’s not as detrimental to your property and AC efficiency as a water leak behind an indoor air handler. And that’s exactly what can happen with inadequate installation.

You see, each air handler houses a group of connections that are routed through a hole behind the air handler, through your drywall. These connections include the power line, refrigerant line, and the condensate line.

The condensate line is responsible for removing water moisture from the cooing process so that moisture doesn’t enter your home, instead. But, this line can leak!

And when water starts developing behind your drywall, it weakens the material, eventually resulting in the air handler splitting from the wall. This does obvious property damage, and can damage the air handler itself, as well.

Broken Air Handler

That brings us to the next issue you can have due to improper installation–a broken air handler. Fortunately, there’s a little bit of good news here. When a single air handler is damaged, there’s nothing stopping you from using the other air handlers throughout the home.

Sure, you still want and need to have that air handler fixed, but while you wait on repairs you can still enjoy cooling (or heating) in other parts of the home.

Refrigerant Leaks

Okay, so a refrigerant leak is not unique to ductless systems. Refrigerant leaks can occur with any type of refrigerant-based air conditioner. No cooling system should lose refrigerant, but it can happen if unintended damages occur due to poor installation (it can also happen due to old age, which is worth noting).

What is unique about refrigerant leaks in ductless systems is that the refrigerant can be leaking behind your drywall or behind the air handler into your home. This means you and your family are exposed to the chemical. This creates a health hazard and property damage to boot.

We certainly don’t mean to discourage anyone from having a ductless system installed. This blog post is meant to encourage you to only trust a trained professional who knows what they’re doing for your ductless system installation and services!

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