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Should the Daikin Fit be Your Next AC Installation?


Should the Daikin Fit be Your Next AC Installation?

At Apple Aire, we pride ourselves on the high-quality and high-efficiency equipment we install and service. We are a Daikin Comfort Pro, meaning we work with some of the best systems on the market. Our team is highly trained and experienced and you can always count on a professional installation.

Of course, the reason many homeowners often go with a cheaper alternative is that they’re sticker-shocked by the price of an air conditioning installation. Firstly, the equipment you choose can be costly in and of itself. Then you have other factors to consider like the level of efficiency you want, the costs of labor, and so on.

But, going with a cheaper alternative means getting low-quality performance from month to month, and ultimately paying more to cool your home because of how much energy your new air conditioning system will have to consume to do its job, and how fast that will wear down on the system.

If you’re considering a brand new air conditioner installation or an air conditioning replacement, you’d do well to look into the numerous benefits of the Daikin Fit inverter drive air conditioner.

What Makes the Daikin Fit Different?

The Daikin Fit is a smart HVAC system that elevates your home comfort, saves space, and most importantly keeps your monthly budget down. It has a variable speed DC fan, also known as an inverter drive which we’ll discuss further below.

It also has a “new swing compressor” which means the entire system offers high-efficiency and with low sound levels! Of course, no air conditioner will ever be completely silent, but you’ll be amazed at how different the noise level is when compared to a conventional central AC outdoor unit.

Why Does the Inverter Drive Matter?

An inverter drive air conditioner allows for variable cooling speed. The traditional and conventional central AC system either runs at 100% capacity, or at 0% capacity. This means you’re always running your air conditioner at its highest capacity and using up your energy to do so when your air conditioner is on.

But an inverter AC system has a compressor unit that provides an accurate approach to cooling—providing your living space with the right cooling power based on the temperature and size of the rooms rather than just blasting cool air at the highest power into your home.

Because it has the ability to run at a moderate speed (sometimes you just don’t need full-blast cooling), it consumes far less energy over time, and you’ll see that reflected in your monthly utility bills. If you’re replacing a conventional central air conditioner, you’ll definitely notice the difference!

The Daikin Fit also provides faster cooling. Inverter drive air conditioners use more power during startup than they do running—starting up strong and easing down as your temperature gets closer to the desired setting on your thermostat.

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