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Does Your Aging HVAC System Need Work?


Does Your Aging HVAC System Need Work?

Denver weather can be tricky—in the coming weeks we may wind up needing our air conditioners way more than our heaters, or vice-versa. While in other parts of the country homeowners have a pretty clear idea of when they’ll need each system, we don’t necessarily get that luxury.

This means we have to really be diligent about caring for our systems to ensure they’re always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws their way. This starts with maintenance! During maintenance, our technicians fully inspect, clean, and adjust your HVAC system, checking for any repair needs to take care of before they grow into emergency breakdowns.

For air conditioners, springtime is typically the best time to schedule this service since logically speaking, summer is when you’ll need it the most. Fall, in turn, is the best time to schedule heating system maintenance. With or without maintenance, however, you should always be aware of any signs that an HVAC system is showing signs of failure, particularly if it’s aging.

“How Do I Know if my HVAC System is Old?”

Furnaces and central air conditioners are designed to last about 10-15 years. Any system older than this simply cannot work as efficiently as it once did, nor can it work as efficiently as a new model. Maintenance will help it last that long, but every appliance eventually succumbs to the end of its useful lifespan. That said, we have uncovered below some of the signs that your aging HVAC system needs work, and potentially even replacement.

  • You’re Calling for Repairs Too Often: By the time you find yourself calling for repairs a couple times a year instead of once every couple of years, your system is probably too far gone to make it economically feasible to keep repairing it. It’s likely better at this point to consider an upgrade.
  • You’ve Noticed Lower Heating or Cooling Output: The basic role of your HVAC system, of course, is to provide heat or cooling for your living space. A general lack of heat, or cooling, suggests that the system isn’t able to keep up with your household’s demands. Why waste your time with an ineffective HVAC system? Investing in a newer system can restore your home comfort in no time!
  • You’re Paying Too Much to Heat or Cool Your Home: Have you noticed your monthly energy bills rising much more than what you were paying this same time last year? Or maybe they’re far higher than your neighbor’s energy bills. If this is the case, it’s a sign that something is causing your system to work inefficiently, and it likely needs some work.

Call in a Pro!

When it comes time to repair, and especially when it comes time to replace, your HVAC system, we really can’t stress how important it is to call in an experienced professional. Only an adequately trained HVAC technician will have the tools and expertise to match you with the system that’s going to best meet your needs, should you be ready for a replacement. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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