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Prepping Your Home for HVAC Installation

Technician Inspecting HVAC System

Prepping Your Home for HVAC Installation

HVAC installation is an intricate, sophisticated, and difficult job involving a great deal of work. It demands much from even highly skilled HVAC technicians, but there are a few things we recommend you do that can make that work considerably easier. Here are some actions we suggest you take to prepare your Wheat Ridge, CO home for HVAC installation.

Make Sure You Can Be Home

Typically, installing a new HVAC system takes at least a few hours, so it can easily last an entire workday. Even if you take other measures to prepare your home for the installation team’s arrival, technicians may still need to ask you various questions about your home’s layout as they work. Without you there to answer them, the work will take longer and become more difficult.

Therefore, schedule installation for a day when you’re able to take off from work. If this is impossible, at least arrange to have someone you trust stay at your home to observe the installation and call you with any questions that arise.

Clear a Path Through Your Driveway

The first thing you should probably do is to clear a path to your front door. HVAC installation technicians will have to carry large amounts of heavy equipment into your home, including evaporator coils, ventilation ducts, and a furnace. In addition, you should also clear the way to various sections of your home’s exterior, as the crew will also have to install a compressor, condensing coils, and other things outside.

This means that you should park your car on the street so that your driveway is entirely unobstructed. This allows the installation crew to park their van and unload the equipment close to the entrance.

Get Your Pets and Kids Out of the Way

Sometimes, people and animals can be even bigger obstructions than inanimate objects. If you have little children and the installation will take place when they are not at school, arrange to have them stay somewhere else for the day. If they’re at home while the team works, they may run around and leave toys and other objects lying around in inconvenient places and otherwise disturb the team.

Similar considerations apply to your pets if they are animals that you cannot lock away in a pen, a cage, or some other enclosure for the duration of the installation job. You should consider temporarily removing any large dogs or other big animals from your home. Strangers and excessive noise may result in unpredictable behavior.

Clear the Way to Your Circuit Breaker Box

For your new HVAC unit to work properly and integrate with your thermostat, it needs to connect to your home’s electrical system, and your breaker box is the core of that system. Throughout the installation, the team will need to hook various pieces of equipment up to your breaker and test them. For this, the team will need to switch the breaker on and off at alternating times.

Beyond the need to connect the HVAC system to your wiring and guarantee that everything responds as normal, the team will also need to ensure that your breaker can handle the power load that will course through your system without tripping. If not, you may need to replace your breaker or some parts of your electrical wiring, for which we also offer electrical services. To facilitate this work for our team, we request that you create a free and easily accessible path to your breaker box before the technicians arrive.

HVAC installation is a serious job, but it’s one that, if done properly, will radically transform your Wheat Ridge, CO home for the better. With our team’s skills and a little bit of foresight from you, you can relax in comfort and enjoy all the advantages of this transformation. Call Apple Aire Heating & Cooling and schedule an HVAC installation, maintenance, or repair today.

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