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4 Signs of a Bad AC Pressure Switch in Littleton, CO

The AC pressure switch is a safety switch found on both the low and high sides of your Littleton, CO air conditioning system, and its major role is to monitor the refrigerant’s pressure on both sides of the AC unit. If your AC pressure switch isn’t working properly, then it can cause the entire system to malfunction. Here are four signs that could indicate you have a bad AC pressure switch.

1. Malfunctioning Compressor

Your AC unit works automatically and switches off after reaching a certain point of pressure. Nonetheless, if you notice that the compressor switching on and off repeatedly, then it’s a sign of a defective pressure switch.

2. Warm Air Blowing

You expect to feel cold air whenever you turn on your air conditioner. However, that might not be the case when you have a faulty AC pressure switch. Warm air is a clear indication that you could be having a bad pressure switch.

3. Air Conditioner Not Working

Your air conditioner has several components, including the pressure switch, and each one of them must be in good condition for your AC to work properly. In case your AC has stopped working, one of the causes could be a bad pressure switch. It would be a good idea to seek AC repair services to find out the exact source of the problem.

4. Strange Noises From the Air Conditioner

You’re likely to hear some strange noises from your AC unit when the compressor is clicking on and off. These sounds are indications that something is wrong with your air conditioner.

The AC pressure switch is a vital component of your air conditioning unit. If it isn’t working properly, then you may end up with a costly repair bill. At Apple Aire Heating & Cooling, we can help check your AC pressure switch before the problem worsens, so call us today.

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