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Expert Air Sealing in Denver, Aurora, Golden, CO & Surrounding Areas 

At Apple Aire, we believe that you should be 100% satisfied—with our service as well as your home performance. But if you have air leaks coming from breached ductwork snaking its way through your attic, or drafty doors and windows, then you can’t possibly be happy with your level of comfort. Or if you are, you’ll find your heating and cooling bills are higher than they should be.

Airsealing Denver Co

We’d like to help you mitigate these problems with professional air sealing services. We believe in protecting your health and comfort, and one way we ensure this happens is by improving your indoor air quality where we can. Whatever your air quality needs are, our comfort advisors and technicians are the ones for the job.

Contact us today for quality air conditioning in Denver, CO and beyond.

Do You Need Professional Air Sealing Services?

Something important to keep in mind for your home is that scheduling air sealing does not necessarily mean we have to travel throughout your entire home, patching up every single nook and cranny we find. Instead what we do is find the source of your problems through a comprehensive assessment, and determine what exactly you need from there. Different problems call for different solutions, and we take a whole-home approach to servicing your living space.

Whether you need attic air sealing, caulking around a stubborn drafty window, and/or weather-stripping around your doors, we’re the team to call! There are also ways you can tell that you may need this service, outside of a professional home assessment. This includes:

  • Noticing increased energy costs because of heat being gained and lost through air leaks.
  • Trouble controlling your humidity levels, even with a humidifier and dehumidifier in place.
  • Hot or cold spots popping up in various rooms of your home.
  • Drafts near your door and window frames.
  • An increase in airborne pollutants in the home.

These are all clear signs that your Denver, CO home could very well benefit from professional air sealing services.

Our Comprehensive Air Sealing Services

When you trust the team here at Apple Aire for your air sealing job, you’ll know you’re getting the best and most professional customer service around. Professional air sealing service is a guaranteed way to boost the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, so you’re paying as little as possible to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

But, there is no such thing as a one-size-first-all approach to home comfort. Your air sealing services may look different from someone else. Generally speaking, however, your air sealing options include:

  • Caulking: You’ve probably seen a caulking gun before, even if you didn’t know what it was at the time. They are available for purchase at most hardware stores, but when you invest in professional caulking, you’ll ensure the job is done flawlessly.
  • Weather-stripping: Similar to caulking, weather-stripping materials help to seal gaps around your doors and windows, to prevent drafts that drain HVAC efficiency from your home.
  • Attic Air Sealing: By using the right combination of heat-resistant insulating material and caulking, our service professionals can seal your attic effectively, to help keep heat in during the winter, and keep it out during the summer. Attic air sealing helps you to control humidity, as well.

You can come to our professionals for anything you need.

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