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Heating System & Furnace Installation Services for Denver, Wheat Ridge, Golden, CO and Surrounding Areas

Do you want a heating system that will work powerfully and efficiently each winter? Then you should start by trusting the comfort advisers here at Apple Aire Heating & Cooling for your furnace installation. We take great pride in the quality of workmanship we provide, taking a whole-home approach to ensure that your heater matches your needs and works well with the other systems in your Denver, CO household.

It’s no secret that our temperatures vary greatly throughout the year, with sudden cold spells just as often and unexpected as heat waves. That said, you need a heating system that is ready for anything at any time! When your heating installation is completed by our team, there’s no need to worry. We’ve been serving the Denver metro area since 1988. Contact us for expert furnace installation and replacement services that ensure your property feels warm and comfortable all winter.

Furnace Installation

Your Heating System Options

There are so many different types of heaters on the market today that it can be overwhelming. When you work with our Denver service professionals, we’ll make the process easier by laying out what exactly you’ll benefit from depending on which heating system you choose. We specialize in performing furnace installations and replacements that maximize comfort and efficiency. When you hire us to install your furnace, rest assured that you'll receive a state-of-the-art heating system built to last a long time. We'll install your furnace so that it meets the highest industry standards, assuring energy-efficient and safe operation for many years to come.

Efficient Furnace Installations

Furnaces are still the most popular type of heater on the market, and for good reason! Today’s models are powerful and efficient. To ensure your family’s safety, particularly with gas-powered furnaces, it’s essential that you work with trained and experienced pros for your furnace installation. Entrusting an inexperienced person to handle the furnace installation -- or doing it yourself -- can lead to severe consequences that affect your health and safety. Hire a professional furnace installation company to complete the job correctly from start to finish.

Rapid Furnace Replacements

If your current heating system is old, outdated and inefficient, it's time to replace it. We provide the furnace replacement services you need to restore comfort and efficiency inside your property. Our furnaces come with features that enhance your comfort and increase your energy cost savings. Let us handle your furnace replacement so that you can stay warm through the winter months without worry.

Furnace Installations and AFUE Ratings

When shopping for a new furnace, you have many factors to consider. An experienced service tech can help you review each in more detail to ensure you install the most energy-efficient furnace for your home’s heating needs. Installing a furnace with a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating will help you save energy and money. Learning more about a furnace’s AFUE rating will ensure you make an informed decision.

Furnace Installations With High AFUE Ratings

The minimum AFUE rating for a furnace in Denver, CO, is 80. That means eight-tenths of every BTU consumed to operate the furnace will return as heat into your home. Furnaces with mid-efficiency furnace installations have a rating between 90 and 93. High-efficiency furnace installations have a rating between 94 and 98.5. Apple Aire Heating & Cooling carries and installs gas furnaces that boast an AFUE as high as 98.

Why Choose a Furnace With a High AFUE Rating?

Every homeowner in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas is looking for ways to save money. When you consider that heating your house accounts for as much as half your household’s energy usage, improving heating efficiency can save you loads of money. The main benefit of installing a furnace with a high AFUE rating is the energy savings you’ll enjoy. Furnace installations with high AFUE ratings use less energy for greater heat output. You can gain hundreds or even thousands back by installing a furnace with a high AFUE rating. Our service techs are here to help you decide on the best furnace for your needs.

Variable-Speed Furnace Installations in Denver, CO

Apple Aire Heating & Cooling is happy to offer our customers one of the most energy-efficient furnaces available. Our modulating gas furnaces feature a variable-speed motor that ensures the system runs at the lowest speed possible to meet your home’s heating demands. It’ll work to maintain a constant and consistent home temperature. As a result, you won’t deal with temperature fluctuations in different areas of your home. You’ll also reduce the wear and tear your furnace experiences, which helps prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. Our furnace installations have a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Apple Aire Heating & Cooling is an independent Lennox dealer. We provide our customers with premium equipment and install every furnace with expert knowledge. When you hire us to complete your furnace installation in Denver, CO, or the surrounding areas, rest assured we’ll complete quality work. We’re here to give you peace of mind and arm your home with the most energy-efficient furnace available in Denver.

Contact Us for Expert Furnace Services

Why should you only count on a professional for your furnace replacement or installation? Only an experienced service professional will know how to accurately remove an old system without damaging anything, correctly size your new heating unit and test the heater to make sure it’s working as it should. Plus, if you’re having a gas-powered system installed, safety is a concern as well. That's why you should hire an experienced pro.

Do you want to take your winter home comfort to the next level of efficiency? Hiring us to handle your furnace installation is a smart step in the right direction. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about your heating options in Denver, CO and the surrounding community. Ask us how a thermostat upgrade could help with your heating efficiency, too! We offer the latest controls and thermostats for your furnace installation.

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