High Quality Humidifiers in Denver, Aurora, Golden, CO and Surrounding Areas

When you hire an HVAC technician to come to your home and install a system, do you want one who will just put the system in and call it a day, or do you want one who will take a whole-home approach and look at your various opportunities for comfort in your Denver Metro home? If the latter appeals to you, then Apple Aire Heating & Cooling is the team to call. One of the most frequent indoor air quality problems we find in Denver area homes is a lack of humidity balance.

Without the right whole-house humidifier in the winter and whole-house dehumidifier in the summer, you won’t feel very comfortable indoors. The air should always be between 30-50% relative humidity for optimal comfort, and great HVAC performance.

Contact our team today for your humidifier and dehumidifier service needs! Our EPA-certified technicians have been servicing the Denver Metro since 1988 and we look forward to serving you.


Do You Know How to Select the Best Humidifier?

In the summertime, it’s hard to think about needing extra humidity in your home, but as many Denver area residents are aware, humidity is absolutely something that’s lacking in the wintertime. Without the right level of humidity, our days can be long and uncomfortable, not to mention unhealthy! Consistently dry indoor air will lead to property damage and health issues.

At first glance, this can seem like a minor inconvenience versus a huge problem. However, low humidity makes you and your family prone to cold and flu germs as they make their way into your home. A whole-house humidifier installation, however, adds that much needed moisture to your home when levels drop below 30%.

Turn to the Pros for Dehumidifier Installation

If you want to keep your Denver Metro home as comfortable as possible in the summertime, then you’d do well to consider a whole-house dehumidifier installation. A whole-house system is the best dehumidifier you can get, as it allows for widespread comfort throughout your entire living space rather than portable systems that can only dehumidify a room or two.

Your air conditioner does have some dehumidification properties by the way it operates, but this is not your cooling system’s purpose and it shouldn’t be relied on for such a job. If dehumidification is your goal, trusting an air conditioner for the job can result in a prematurely broken down system and a home that’s causing health issues and property damage due to too much moisture. Turn to our team for more information and professional dehumidifier installation.

Signs You Need Humidifier or Dehumidifier Repair

Whole-house humidity control systems are highly convenient, as they can be installed directly into your ductwork. Here, there are out of sign but will control problems like mold buildup and other property damage associated with excess moisture. But just like any other system, they’re not immune to problems.

Signs that your humidifier or dehumidifier is in need of repair includes:

  • Strange noises coming from the system.
  • A lack of proper humidity despite running the system.

If you notice anything odd about how your humidifier or dehumidifier is operating, please do not hesitate to contact our comfort advisors. We look forward to showing you the whole-home approach we take to your comfort! Trust us with all your indoor air quality needs.

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