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We’re Not Your Average Heating Contractor


We’re Not Your Average Heating Contractor

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a “professional heating contractor,” or “professional heater repair in Littleton, CO?” Is it the high prices that come with premium service? Or perhaps it’s the frustration of narrowing down your top favorite heating companies and seeing which ones fit well with you? Both of these can be frustrating, so we understand how you got into this conundrum.

However, while you might know that you need professional heater repair, we’d like to make the case that you need our professional heater repair service. That’s because we offer a wide variety of benefits that actually make it worth it to go into business with us. We’re not just banking on you needing a pro and calling the first number you see—you’re smarter than that!

Keep reading as we go into some detail about what makes our company different.

The Real Price of Heating Work

So, let’s get something straight first. Heating repairs might not be the best solution for your home, and you might need to get a replacement. Many homeowners don’t really know the actual price of this kind of work. They look at the prices of a heater replacement offered by a reputable, trustworthy team like ours and think they’re way too high. This then spurs too many homeowners to look for uninsured, unlicensed HVAC work.

Our team is a Daikin Comfort Pro which means we get exclusive access to some of the best models of heat pumps and other technology that Daikin has to offer. We can also acquire and install high-efficiency furnace systems and Bradford White Water Heaters, which are statistically more reliable than other, cheaper models on the market.

What we’re trying to say is, if price is your number one concern—don’t cut corners. Heater replacements should cost more than what most homeowners think because they’re such a huge long-term investment.

Why Our Service Is Special

Now that our market prices haven’t scared you away, we’d like to talk about what makes our heating repair service better than the average.

Firstly, we take a whole-home approach to repairing a heater. This means that your heater needs to be able to heat all parts of your home, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on that. We will work around the clock to ensure that your whole home is heater properly and efficiently.

Secondly, we’re in this business mainly to inform customers to make the best decision. We don’t want to push you to pay for a repair that you don’t need. However, if there’s a repair that will add years of life to your heating system, and otherwise you could see a breakdown very soon, we won’t hesitate to tell you the truth. We’re honest about keeping you informed on the condition of your system.

Thirdly, we’re family-owned and operated. We’ve been in the Denver Metro since 1988, and this community is like our family. We’re not in this to make an extra buck, and we completely understand just how important heating services are to the families here. If you don’t want to go into business with a professional team like us, we understand—but we still care about you and this community.

Call Apple Aire Heating & Cooling. Family-owned and serving the Denver Metro since 1988.