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Things to Consider When Choosing an AC System

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Things to Consider When Choosing an AC System 

You may think that choosing an air conditioning unit for your Applewood, CO, home would be rather simple. However, you’ll have to wade through many factors to ensure you’re getting the best unit for your situation. Consider these variables when exploring your options for a new AC system.


Getting a correctly sized AC system for your home is one of the first considerations when determining your options. This encompasses more than simply knowing how many square feet you’re trying to condition. Rather, you also have to consider your home’s insulation, construction features, number of occupants and exterior environment.

Getting an AC system that’s too small leads to it running constantly, driving up your cooling costs. A system that’s too large will short-cycle, preventing your home from ever cooling properly. Short-cycling will also drive up your cooling costs due to more frequent starting, which uses the most energy.


Different AC systems run at different efficiency ratings, known as SEER ratings. Many low-end air conditioners have a single stage compressor and circulating fan, which means it constantly runs on high.

More efficient units have multi-stage or variable-rate compressors and fans. This allows the unit to run at the right cooling capacity to match the outside heat. Variable capacity saves you money when you’re maintaining your home’s temperature compared to initially cooling it.


Air conditioners can generate a fair amount of noise, especially the condensing unit outside. This sound isn’t a problem for some people, and it may even be a welcome, relaxing noise. However, if you’re more noise sensitive, you may want to consider a model with quiet operation.

Most air conditioners marketed as quiet will emit between 50 and 60 decibels. This is the noise level of somewhere between a quiet office and a normal conversation.

Air Quality

Some air conditioning systems have specified air quality needs to achieve peak performance. You’ll want to check the recommended air quality and then have your home’s air quality tested to see how it compares.

You may find that your air quality isn’t sufficient to run the kind of unit you want. This may mean you need to look at a indoor air quality solution, like a whole-home air scrubber.

Ducted or Ductless Options

Chances are that your home already has ducts installed to work with your heating system over the winter. Are those ducts professionally sealed and in good condition? If not, you’ll lose a lot of energy from cooled air leaking out before it can cool your home.

If you don’t already have ducts installed throughout your home, you may want to consider a ductless system. These use several small air handlers that install on the walls throughout your home. Even with multiple air handlers, they often run to a single condensing unit outside, making the system very efficient.

Build Quality

Quality is an important consideration when it comes to installing a new air conditioner. When you opt for a lesser quality unit, you’re likely left with more repairs more quickly, as the unit’s components won’t last as long as better quality components.

Along with the quality of the unit itself, consider the quality of experience in the AC installation team. When the team installing your air conditioner lacks good experience, they may damage the system, further reducing its expected service life.


Warranties are a critical consideration when choosing the right air conditioner and installer. First, consider the manufacturer’s warranty and how long the company guarantees its equipment. The best manufacturers commonly have up to a 10-year warranty against defects.

Check with your installer to see the warranty it offers to cover defects associated with improper AC installation. At Apple Aire Heating & Cooling, we offer a lifetime guarantee against installation-related defects.

Get the best possible air conditioner for your home. Call to schedule your new AC installation consultation with the expert service technicians at Apple Aire Heating & Cooling today.

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