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Is it Time to Consider Getting a New Heating System?


If you find yourself shivering in your Wheat Ridge, CO home, you’re not alone. After many years of use, your heating system may require a professional replacement. Understanding when to get a new heating system helps you plan ahead for the purchase and choose the features that work best for your needs and budget.

Achievement of Average Life Expectancy

According to Energy Star, the typical lifespan of a furnace or boiler is 15 years, while the average heat pump lasts for just 10 years. If your heating system has reached or exceeded its usual life expectancy, consider a replacement. The manufacturer’s warranty often ends around this time, and you’ll notice an increase in issues and a decrease in system efficiency and effectiveness.

Increase in Malfunctions and Repairs

As heating systems age, their parts wear out or fail, sometimes without warning. You might find yourself replacing the thermocouple one month only to have the blower motor go out the next month. If your heating system frequently breaks down or needs repairs, consider getting a new heating system.

Lack of Comfort

Older heating systems lose effectiveness at maintaining an ideal temperature. You may notice yourself making frequent adjustments to the thermostat or adding more blankets on top of your bed. A new heating system ensures your comfort and provides consistent heat throughout each area of your home.

Higher Utility Bills

Another sure sign that you need professional HVAC installation services is constantly increasing utility bills. Aging heating systems consume more electricity or natural gas in order to keep up with your home’s heating needs. This leads to higher and higher utility bills. New heating systems offer energy-efficient features, including multi-stage motors and zoning that reduce energy use and lower your monthly bills.

For more tips on when to consider getting a new heating system, take a look at April Aire Heating & Cooling’s professional HVAC installation services, or contact us today.